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The search page of the PEGI website is reserved for parents and adult purchasers of interactive software.

The sole purpose of this page is to provide them with information on the content and age suitability of a specific game.

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About PEGI?
How does the rating process function?
Prior to release of each version of a game, publishers complete an on-line content assessment and declaration form. The first part of the form deals with legal provisions in certain European countries.
  • The publisher then completes the second part of the form relating to the content assessment of the game and taking into account the possible presence of violence, sex and other sensitive visual or audio content.
  • According to the declared content, PEGI allocates a provisional age rating along with content descriptors to indicate why the game has been allocated that age category.
  • The PEGI administrator (NICAM or VSC depending on the provisional age rating given) are sent an examination pack which contains all of the information and material required to double-check the provisional rating against the PEGI criteria.
  • The publisher is then issued with a licence authorising the use of the age rating label together with the related content descriptor(s) for the game.