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About PEGI
Many websites and online services contain small games and in order to cover this rapidly growing segment, the PEGI OK label was devised. When a small online game on a website has been labelled ‘PEGI OK’, it means that the game can comfortably be played by players of all age groups because it does not contain any potentially unsuitable game content.

The PEGI OK label looks like this:
A PEGI OK label indicates that the strict PEGI rating criteria have been applied and it has been ascertained that there is nothing in the game that would lead to a higher rating than the standard 3+ category.

The operator of a website or games portal is permitted to use the PEGI OK label based upon a declaration made to PEGI that the game does not contain any material that requires a formal rating.
To qualify for the PEGI OK label a game can NOT contain any of the following elements:
sexual activity or sexual innuendo
bad language
promotion or use of drugs
promotion of alcohol or tobacco
scary scenes
Should the game contain any of these elements, the game must be age rated using the standard PEGI rating system. The game will then receive a regular PEGI rating (3, 7, 12, 16 or 18) consisting of an age rating label and content descriptor(s). The same applies in case the casual game can be downloaded onto a consumer’s computer.

Do you have a question about the PEGI OK label, or have you spotted the PEGI OK label being used incorrectly on a website? Contact the PEGI Administration with use of the contact form on this website: