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About PEGI?
Boards & Committees
PEGI Management Board
While the independent organisations of NICAM and the VSC grant the PEGI ratings, PEGI itself remains a self-regulation system. The new PEGI Management Board is the core of this. The Managing Director is responsible, following guidance from this Management Board for running the day-to-day activities of PEGI. The board is made up of representatives of; the users of PEGI (games publishers), the gatekeepers of PEGI (the game console manufactures) and the promoters of PEGI (national trade associations) plus representatives from the PEGI Council and the PEGI Experts Group. This board structure ensures there is proper oversight whilst not weakening PEGI’s self-regulatory strength.
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PEGI Council
The Council is responsible for making recommendations so that national as well as European developments are communicated and reflected in the PEGI system and its code of conduct. The Council gives the countries that use PEGI a voice. Of equal importance is for the authorities in the PEGI countries to keep abreast of and be involved in PEGI. The Council ensures this two-way flow of information. Members of the Council are appointed for a 2-year term. They are primarily recruited from the authorities in the PEGI countries, working as psychologists, media specialists, civil servants, and legal advisers versed in the protection of minors in Europe.

PEGI Experts Group
With the Council’s focus moving towards country representation it was considered important not to lose the network of technical experts that have been an important source of advice for PEGI over the years. During the course of 2009-10 the Experts Group will be enhanced by involving specialists and academics in the fields of media, psychology, classification, legal, technology, online games and so on. They will continue to advise PEGI by considering technological and content development as recommended by the PEGI Council, the PEGI Management Board or through circumstances brought to light by the complaints procedure.
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Complaints Board
The Complaints Board comprises a pool of independent experts in the protection of minors from different European countries. Should a complaint be received from a consumer or publisher regarding a rating given to a game and no satisfactory settlement can be reached by the PEGI administrator through discussion, explanation or negotiation the complainant may formally request the Complaints Board to mediate. Three board members will then convene, hear the complaint and decide on a ruling. Publishers using the PEGI system are bound by the decision of the Complaints Board. Consequently, they are obliged to carry out any corrective actions required and, in cases of non-compliance, are subject to sanctions as laid out by the code.
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Criteria Committee
The Criteria Committee is a sub-committee of the PEGI Experts Group. It works on adapting and modifying the PEGI questionnaire and the underlying criteria to take account of technological and content developments and recommendations made by the Council, Experts Group or circumstances brought to light by the complaints procedure.
Legal Committee
Since PEGI is a voluntary system it runs in conjunction with, and is subordinate to, existing national laws, whether they prohibit certain content or establish mandatory rating systems. The Legal Committee’s role is to advise ISFE of any changes to national legislation within participating countries that could have an impact on the voluntary age rating system.
Enforcement Committee
The Enforcement Committee is charged ensuring the enforcement of the provisions of the PEGI Code of Conduct, including conclusion of the Complaints Board. The Enforcement Committee is made up of ten members, five of which are publishers, and five of which are chosen from the Council.

Enforcement Committee Rulings 2011:
The IARC process, created by a global coalition of game classification authorities is now
adopted by Google Play and Firefox Marketplace, bringing PEGI ratings to a large body
of apps and games in Europe. For more information: more...
PEGI Annual Report 2013
PEGI has published the 2013 annual report. more...